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  • 2023-07-29
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Top & Bottom Pinch Rolls

Pinch rolls in the coiler are one of the most important parts of the hot rolled strip production line. It is responsible for guidding, pinching, straightening, leveling and assisting the coiling of the rolled strip. The pinch roll work under harsh working conditions such as hot & cold fatigue, oxidation, corrosion, and high wear. They are subject to certain pressure and the surface temperature is as high as 500-600℃. Therefore, the surface quality is critical, and it will directly affect the quality of steel strips. Our experts provide professional pinch rolls design for the different working conditions and different kind of steel strips, so that the surface of the roll has good hardness, high temperature wear resistance, thermal fatigue resistance and impact resistance.

The Manufacture Who Will Improve the Working Life of Pinch Rolls in the Coiler

According to the working characteristics of recoilers, the pinch rolls include top pinch roll and bottom pinch roll. The top pinch roll is the hollow structure, consisting of barrel and mandrel. The bottom pinch roll is a solid foging roll. Our engineers will make the production process based on the feature of both pinch rolls. It will ensure that top pinch roll has good welding quality and precise assembly, and it also will ensure a high forging ratio to keep high strength of forged blanks. Nomatter which kind of rolling line you are using, CSP or normal hot rolling strips, our engineers will provide professioanl pinch rolls soution according to the steel grade which you are producing.

Top Pinch Roll Manufacturing & Application

We Ensure the Best Working Efficiency of the Pinch Roll Surfacing Layer

The overlaying of the pinch roll surface is the most important process in the making of pinch rolls. The quality of the overlaying directly affects the working performance of the pinch roll. When the overlaying is too fast, the welding seam cannot be filed up, and the cooling is not timely, this will cause the weld seam to be loose at the junction, so the performance and hardness are very different. When the overlaying speed is too slow, the welded layer that has cooled is reheated. The structure and properties of the welding layer have changed, and the corresponding surface quality is also different. In response to the requirement of surface overlaying for pinch rolls, our engineers team set up the professional overlaying process for the pinch roll, this will keep the pinch roll with the uniform base structure and stable performance. After the pinch roll in the coiling process is worn by the strip, it can still maintain uniform hardness and wear. At the same time, in order to further imporve the working life of the pinch roll, our expert team developed the newest overlaying material which can keep overlaying layer has not any problem such as sticking steel, cracks and wear in the working temperature of above 700℃.

Overlaying Layer Crystal Phase

We provide overlaying and coating for some kinds of rolls to the rolling strip workshop. If you need to buy pinch rolls, we are very willing to become your high-quality producer. Our experts would like to learn about the pinch roll which you are using, and offer reasonable technical solutions under your current technical requirements. At the same time, we can also provide the repair works of the pinch roll surface to meet different customers' rquirements. Our surface technology team could carry out the working according to the material which customer request. For some special request of the overlaying layer, our technical team can customize the special material to meet customers' requirements. Please let our experts provide you the professional pinch rolls' solutions.