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Company Profile

Anshan zhengfa machinery Co.,Ltd. is the provincial high-tech enterprises ,the registered fund is 24500000 RMB. Our company is joint-stock company,we have passed the ISO quality system.Our company locate in Qianshan road and nearly closed to Qianshan,it has 12000 sq.m. area,the building area is 10000 sq.m. Our company have 180 workers,the technology workers are 33,the high engineers are 2 and 5 external technical experts.

Our company was fund in 1999,our company supply the spares pars and general machinery to Anshan Iron and Steel Group Coporation and our metallurgical machinery productions are well received by users.we supply lots of high quality anchorage to three gorges project and it is important part of permanent shiplock and gets good reputation from three gorges unit.Our standard anchorage was widespread used in road and bridge construction .Our self-design Φ1040х3000 permanent magnet is well know to customers and it used in gongchangling dressing plant and increase of service life.we manufacture the tilt table for anshan steel company and we make test run succeed in frist time and created 7200 hours process production record.we import spare parts of 4300 rolling mill form Sumitomo and localization it and get the same level and used in anshan steel company. In July, 2000 ,we do lots works for angang steel factory Φ 5.5 ball mill spare parts localization of concentrator, one of the most outstanding is our factory for the production of the overflow drum screen for the first time a successful commissioning, replace imported products, greatly reduce the production cost.

In recent years, our factory had a cooperation with Shanghai jia hao ship design institute to manufacture anchor reaming machine and replace imported anchor reaming machine;With China metallurgical mining anshan metallurgical design and research institute co., LTD cooperation to carry out the international mineral processing equipment development and manufacturing, and patent applications.And we manufacturer oscillating table body for the large factory , the swing dedicated reducer, in recently, we manufacturer reverse framework and columns and continuous balance beam for a large factory of anshan steel ;we manufactured Φ 1250 belt transport unit for the Diao jun tai dressing plant;we did mill roller bearing box and tension wheel assembly for plate factory;we manufactured 30 tons of low pressure oil tank;We manufactured stainless steel high pressure outlet flange and iron feeding funnel for steel plant and Φ 1020 gas pipes of gas plant and other projects.we manufactured The high intensity magnetic separation equipment - magnetic separation column, was applied in the medium of magnetic concentrator.In recently, our factory manufactured and installed Φ12000 meters sulfuric acid conversion tower for shanxi nonferrous metals company, etc.

Our company is a research, promotion and application of surface engineering technology professional manufacturers, we have a number of mature surface engineering technology and patent technology and we can produce wear-resisting, thermal barrier, oxidation corrosion resistance, resistance to nodules and bonding a variety of functions such as coating.In recent years, my company manufactured a large number of laminar cooling output roller, pinch roll, looping roller for anshan iron and steel, wuhan, tangsteel, laiwu, jinan, panzhihua iron and steel, benxi steel, tiantie and LingGang, north Taiwan, handan and xingtai delong, tangshan jianlong iron .In addition, cold rolling and galvanized wire with the tension roller, sinking speed roller, roller, furnace bottom roll coating spray welding, spraying and surfacing welding surface features such as roller type is also my company's main products.

鞍山正发表面技术工程股份有限公司成立于1998年,是国家高新技术企业。公司位于鞍山国家激光园内,共占地30000平方米,建筑面积20000平方米。注册资金2450万元,资产1.1亿元。2002年通过ISO 9001质量体系认证,2009年通过中国船级社焊评认证,2013年通过美国石油协会API Q1质量管理体系认证及API 8C产品质量认证。公司现有职工153人,其中高级工程师9人,专业技术人员45人,另外聘请技术专家5人,企业成立23年来,上缴税金达上亿元。拥有表面工程技术知识产权35项,查新2项。获批辽宁省激光表面处理专业技术创新平台及辽宁省省级企业技术中心,农机具研究中心,辽宁科技大学研究生实习基地,工信部重点项目实验基地,辽宁省“专精特新”企业。


research, promotion and application

Our company is a research, promotion and application of surface engineering technology professional manufacturers