Spraying Ni60 roller table
  • 2023-07-29
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Laminar Cooling Roller & Table Rollers

In the plate and strip rolling workshop, the roller table is an indispensable equipment for transporting rolled products, which runs through the entire production line of the workshop. To a large extent, it is related to the productivity of the rolling workshop and continuity of the entire rolling process. Moreover, the operation of the roller table before and after the rolling mill directly affects the output of the rolling mill. Our roller tables' products cover the entire strip rolling production line, including conveyor rollers, laminar cooling rollers, and so on. It also provides surface treatment technologies such as surface overlay welding and high velocity oxygen fuel according to the requirement of the product's working conditions.



With the Advanced Production Technology to Ensure the Best Working Performance of Laminar Cooling Rollers and Conveyor Rollers.

We would like to provide all kinds of conveyor rollers's products and matched complete solutions for different sections in the rolling workshop, the detail products including:

Front and Rear Table Rollers(Conveyor Rollers) of Roughing Mills

Application: used to transport slabs or rolling pieces between heating furnace, roughing mill, and finishing mills.


Used in looper devices to adjust strip tension.

Phosphorus Removal Rollers

Used for dephosphorization machine, the working condition is bad.

Laminar Cooling Rollers

It is used in laminar cooling area to help strip steel to cool quickly under the action of cooling water.

According to the characteristics of conveyor rollers in different sections, the barrel of our rollers are divided into solid forging and hollow rollers. The solid forging rollers are made of CK45 steel, 42CrMo4, or other alloy steels containing Cr and Ni. The surface of rollers can be overlaying wear resistance steel pipe, on the surface of roller will have HOVF process to make wear-resistance layer. In order to ensure the best working performance, we research and develop the materials of the overlaying layer and spray welding layer. At the same time, we can recommend the wear-resistance layer according to the requirements of different customers.

The Production Process for Laminar Cooling Roller

Let Our Engineers Provide Professional Solutions For Your Strip Steel Production Line

Our engineers will provide professional technical support according to the characteristics of the customer's strip production line. We can meet the various technical requirements of the conveyor rollers(table rollers) drawings, and our production process and quality standards can fully match the SMS drawing requirements. At the same time, our surface technology can provide a variety of spray welding layer and overlaying layer material selection, which can completely match the current coating layer of customers. For customers who have higher requirements for coating layer, we can also recommend more advanced coating materials, even special customization of the coating.

Based on many years' production experience, we currently serve a variety of specifications of strip production lines, including: 850mm, 900mm, 1450mm, 1780mm, 2050mm, 2150mm, 2250mm, 2800mm, 3300mm, 4200mm, etc. We can provide individual roller's product or a complete set of conveyor roller's products. In response to customer needs, Our engineers will provide professional advice to help customers save production costs and our conveyor rollers will help customers to improve the production efficiency.